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Random Acts of Kindness: Show Your Sweet Side Dallas

Random Acts of Kindness: Show Your Sweet Side Dallas
April 17, 2014 Rain McDermott


Since I started making caramels, I’ve made it my goal to deliver the smoothest and perfectly sweet treat to all of my customers. Sometimes I have gotten creative and added some unusual ingredients, but the end result is always the same: yummy caramels made from the freshest ingredients. But there are so many of you that deliver something even sweeter than caramel: self-less giving through random acts of kindness. And now I want to say thanks!

We have all seen people doing something nice for someone else, sometimes even a perfect stranger. Some people pay for the next customer’s order at Starbucks, while others help those in need cross the street. These random acts of kindness brighten up everyone’s day, from my experience. We see someone’s kindness and selflessness and we want to pass on that good vibe. Now that I’ve started the Dallas Caramel Company, I feel like I can pass on that good feeling better than ever. So today I’m announcing something new: our Random Acts of Kindness contest.

I am looking for nominations of people you know and their random acts of kindness. Send us your nomination’s name, contact information, and description of what that person did, along with a photo (if possible) to [email protected]. At the end of the month, I’ll select a winner and they will receive a 1/2 pound bag of a flavor of their choice.

So if you know someone that constantly does nice things without looking for anything in return, our Random Acts of Kindness contest is a great way to give them the thanks they deserve. Brighten up their day by letting us know of their good deeds and send in your nominations today to [email protected]!

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  1. AnnMarie Brunkenhoefer 5 years ago

    i was at the Southwest Trade Show today and came across your booth. I must say you have the smoothest and creamiest caramels I have ever eaten. I purchased two bags to be distributed to the military. Hope you come back to the trade show again. Thank you for the samples and God bless you. AnnMarie

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