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Caramel and Beer Pairings, Featuring Alaskan Brewing Company

Caramel and Beer Pairings, Featuring Alaskan Brewing Company
July 29, 2014 Rain McDermott

alaskan brewing company

A few nights ago, a few friends of Dallas Caramel Company and founder Rain McDermott got together to find some delicious beer and caramel pairings. The wonderful people at Alaskan Brewing Company generously allowed Dallas Caramel Company to try some of their different beers so that we could find the perfect recommendation to go with our caramel candy! Here are our favorite selections.

Alaskan Amber, Alt Style Beer

This amber is very malty and the flavor stays on your tongue long after you’ve finished your sip. The almost sweet malt taste pairs very well with our Pumpkin caramel, and the sweetness of our original flavor coming in a close second. The sweet caramel flavor compliments the delicious notes and full mouth-feel of the Amber.

Alaskan Freeride American Pale Ale

The Freeride APA has lovely citrusy flavors and a tropical hop aroma, making it a crisp thirst-quencher. This made it a wonderful pair with our orange caramel by a unanimous agreement from the party. Bacon and chipotle also made great pairs with the APA, however we found the spiciness of our chai flavor to compete too much with the tropical crispness of the brew.

HopOThermia Double India Pale Ale

This Double IPA has a bold hoppy flavor that is unmistakable. The flavor is robust, yet does not sit too heavy on the tongue. There’s a bitter sweet to this taste that compliments our original flavor caramel, with the lighter taste of the candy allowing the richness of the Double IPA to come out. Sea salt also compliments the IPA without fighting with the character. Avoid flavors like our coconut caramel, which competes too much with the richness of the IPA.

Summer Ale

Brewed in the style of KölschBeer from Cologne, Germany, Summer Ale features a crisp flavor and a balance of malts and hops. The Summer Ale is a lighter style than some of the other beers. One of the easiest beers to pair, the Summer Ale pairs well with our sweet, summery coconut flavor the best. Other complimenting flavors include our bacon caramel, Texas drunken nut, original and orange caramel. The richer tastes of the pumpkin and espresso caramel flavors tend to overpower the Summer Ale.

Alaskan White Ale

With notes of coriander and citrusy orange peel, the Alaskan White Ale is a smooth inter-spiced wheat beer. The earthy, rich sweetness of our pumpkin caramel makes a perfect compliment to the coriander flavor of the ale. Runners up for good pairings included sea salt and original flavored caramel.

We hope you had as fun of a time reading about these pairings as we did finding them! A big thank you goes to our friends at Alaskan Brewing Company for allowing us to use their brand for this experiment. Alaskan Brewing Company can be found at your nearest craft beer establishment or beverage store. To find a location nearest you, use their handy Brew Finder by clicking on OUR BEER in the banner of their website.

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