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How To Keep Caramel

How To Keep Caramel
December 3, 2014 Rain McDermott

Dallas Caramel Company prides itself in using the finest, freshest ingredients possible, which is probably why we’ve gotten so much acclaim over the years. But one of the questions we constantly get is how long do the caramels keep? We thought we would put together this post as the de facto guide to our caramels, when you should buy them, and how long they will keep their smooth deliciousness.

Whether you’re giving our caramels as a gift or simply ordering a bag to enjoy yourself, our caramels make a great treat, but the longer you wait, the more they lose their smoothness that gives our caramels such a signature texture. While you can still enjoy the caramels months after you order them, the sooner you sink your teeth into our little morsels the better (at least in our opinion)! That’s part of the reason why we work so hard to fulfill orders placed online as quickly as possible. Our caramels go straight from our kitchen to your door.

If you do decide to save your caramels for a later date, there are a few things you should know. For starters, the sugars in the caramels will start to crystalize, making the caramel not nearly as soft as we intended but still delicious. The crystallization will also create a “skin” around the caramel. Six weeks after they are created the caramels will be very different in texture, and you might be wondering what all the fuss is about if you’ve never tried our caramels before. That’s why we recommend you enjoy our caramels as soon as you can.

We have had some of our fans freeze their caramels, which will also change their texture but may help them keep their freshness longer. Others have tried storing their caramels in the refrigerator, but again, this will change the caramel experience. It’s up to you on how you store them, but remember: our caramels are meant to be enjoyed, not just stored! So when you get your bag of caramels from the Dallas Caramel Company, share them with friends, give them as gifts, but don’t wait too long to at least take that first bite! The sooner you enjoy, the better the texture and flavor.

P.S. With Christmas coming up soon, we know many of you are thinking about ordering our caramels as gifts. We encourage you to get your orders in soon, as the caramels as the holiday season can get crazy busy! We’ll also be at local farmers markets, like the Richardson Farmers Market, so you can buy a fresh batch of caramels instead of having to wait.

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