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Chipotle Caramel

Chipotle Caramel


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Chipotle Caramel Won Honorable Mention in the Top Luxury Caramel for Best Ingredient Combination at the International Chocolate Salon Awards (2014).

Our chipotle caramel will introduce your taste buds to a confectionary concoction of sweet caramel and smoky, spicy chipotle. Caution: not for the faint of heart. But, for those who like their snacks to be an adventure and delicious: look no further than our creamy, dreamy, spicy chipotle caramel.

Please note: since we only use fresh ingredients and every batch of caramel is unique, the Chipotle Caramels can vary in spiciness. Make sure you can handle the flavors before you pop the whole caramel in your mouth!

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**This product is gluten-free!**

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  1. The original caramels taste great, but the spice in these snuck up on me & BAM!! I love these chipotle caramels!!

  2. By far my favorite blend of spicy and sweet! The combination of flavors is addicting! I rank this one off the charts, WTG DCC for this amazing treat!

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