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Original Caramel

Original Caramel


Classic caramel in its simplest form – cream, sugar, butter and vanilla.

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The classic caramel candy like you’ve never tasted before! Our original caramels are the smoothest candy you’ll taste, with notes of vanilla that bring together the rich flavors as the caramel melts in your mouth. Certainly not just for caramel purists, our original flavor is what got the Dallas Caramel Company started and is definitely worth tasting!

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**This product is gluten-free!**

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  1. Creamy, buttery and the perfect touch of vanilla.

  2. All of the flavors I’ve had have been excellent, but I have to say, I always come back to the Original. I usually feel like I should share it with other people, but I rarely do, because I want to keep it all for myself! When you think about this caramel compared to the big mass-produced brands, it’s as if they aren’t even in the same category — these are so soft, and rich, and just delicious.

  3. OMG !! Once I first tasted these, I became a repeat customer. I’m always giving them to my friends and they ask, “where did you get these?” One friend says, “These are better than the ones from the church bazzar.” These are the best thing since sliced bread.

  4. 1 word…Heaven! Will definitely buy these again. They taste like they were definitely made with love.

  5. This Caramel is sooo freaking good. Your’e missing out!!

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